• Image of Darkcell (Digipak CD)

6 panel CD Digipak.

**Also check out the Album Companion Photobook.
Features hand written album commentary & photography.
Perfect companion to the album. HAIL!**

Release Date: 12/04/19

1. La Chambre Des Cauchemars // The Room Of Nightmares
2. The Great Big Nothing
3. Reign Of The Monsters
4. Burn The Witches
5. Scars & Stripes (feat. KidCrusher)
6. Godless (feat. Johnathan Devoy)
7. Night Rider (feat. Tim Skold)
8. Carnevil
9. Hail To The Freaks
10. Sold My Soul
11. Midnite (feat. Lindsay Schoolcraft)

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