Studio Update!

That’s a wrap!!!!

New single “…….” is officially complete and we cannot wait to unleash this upon you.
Recorded at RTD Studios, the song has exceeded our expectations and we consider it a step up for us. It’s got all the punch and groove of Darkc3ll, but with a more abrasive edge and will get you dancing and screaming again.
More details very soon…..

Death Of Rock Web Banner



24 hours ago, we asked you, the Darkc3ll fans to help us reach a target of 666 likes on our facebook post and be involved in the release of our latest film clip, ‘Death of Rock n Roll’. Mission accomplished! Through your enthusiastic support and without overhyped marketing or costly advertising, we did it united as one. Continue reading


Tour Diary – Soundwave Festival 2014 – Part 3

By Jesse Dracman

Darkc3ll-SW14-Adelaide-24ADELAIDE: We reach our destination that night, and it’s a very quiet mood going through the airport. There’s a small posse of people waiting to meet The Living End, who fulfil the patient wishes of their fans with hangs and photos, which is really cool to see. We get to our hotel, pretty beat and drained after a whirlwind day that really does take it out of oneself, so a quick feed in the very lively city of Adelaide, then off to bed before the big show. Continue reading


Tour Diary – Soundwave Festival 2014 – Part 2

By Jesse Dracman

Now before we continue on this epic journey, surprise, surprise, I have missed a couple of minor details. I apologise ever so slightly, as when you do a tour like this, time melts into the space/time continuum and you lose touch with basic things like, “what time is it” (as my beloved drummer Jay said on more than one occasion. We did too.) And “what day is it?” I recall reaching a point, where I said to my manager, Robyn, “I have no concept of time right now, so just tell me when you need me to be somewhere.” Sounds crazy, but so true. Fuck we loved it!! Continue reading